If you'd like to book a newborn session & your baby is already here, please call us on 07957 688744.

Camberley Newborn Photography FAQ’s

Camberley Newborn Photography FAQ’s: We’ve answered some of our most asked questions here. Still can’t see the answer to your question? Just ask us, we don’t mind.


Where do the Sessions take place?

We have a lovely home studio in Blackwater, Camberley & run the sessions from there.

How much does a Session cost?

Please see the pricing section on the website here You will also find the Prices of additional items here too. Our prices are competitive, & reflect the high standard of photography, they are not negotiable but we do run special offers from time to time.

When to schedule a session

Newborn sessions are designed for babies 14 days and younger. The best day to photograph your little one is from day five to day ten. During this time newborns tend to be sleepier and retain that fresh newborn curl. After 14 days, newborns tend to develop things like colic and baby acne, they also tend to be more alert and stay awake longer.

We recommend contacting us to book after your 20-week scan, We will then set your newborn session on a temporary date (usually your due date).

Once you have given birth, simply give us a call or an email as soon as you can. Ideally day 2-3.  We will select and solidify a date for your newborn session within the first 5-10 days. We only book 8 Newborns a month, so please book early to avoid disappointment. As newborn sessions can take up to six hours we only book them Monday through Friday. Should you require a weekend session, please let us know upon booking and we will do our best to accommodate where possible.

Feeding your Baby

We will take breaks to nurse/feed, change and to soothe your baby whenever it becomes necessary. The baby will sleep best if it is fed right before the session and the room is kept pretty warm so be aware of this and dress accordingly. Please be aware that we recommend feeding your baby in the studio upon arriving, and if you aim to keep the baby awake for an hour or so before the session. Please dress your baby in something easy to undress, a loose nappy is also a good idea to avoid any marks on the skin. It’s not necessary to bring any clothes for the baby as newborn babies are best photographed naked or adorned with simple props that we provide. The Studio is not massive, so we recommend just 2 adults to the session. Siblings are more than welcome, but we normally do these shots towards the end of the session, so to avoid them getting bored, it’s best to collect them & bring them along later.

Do you have experience photographing newborn babies safely?

This is a question that does not get asked enough. A typical newborn session can last up to four hours. Your baby will be with us for most of that time. We have over four years experience photographing newborn babies and have been trained by the UK’s leading Newborn Photographer on posing them safely. We also strictly practice safe posing techniques and put the comfort and safety of your baby first. For more information on safety within the newborn photography industry please visit this link:

How do I choose and order my pictures?

Your beautiful images will be ready to view & purchase in your private gallery within ten days of your session, as we can’t resist, we will always put a couple of sneaks peek on our Blog & Facebook page within 24 hours.

How many Images will there be?

This is very much dependent on how each session goes. On average, there will be 20-30 images per gallery.

Can I purchase digital files?

Yes, of course, you can. We understand how important it is to have the flexibility of a digital archive, so if they are not included in the Package you choose, a complete or partial set of digital images from your session is available for purchase. However, we also know that the beautiful pictures that we create deserve to be displayed in your home & on the best quality products, so we also have a full range of handpicked luxury wall products and albums that can be bought too. We have examples up in the Studio, so you can see the products before you buy.


Will flash photography harm, my baby?

No, we have never noticed any reaction to the flash from newborn babies, asleep or awake. It is set back from the babies & very low powered.

Photo ideas to think about

When we schedule your session, we will have a conversation about what you are looking for. Do you want only pictures of the baby? Are you more interested in your infant being photographed with family than in some of my props? Are there specific poses you are looking for? For example, one of you is a soldier, do you want your infant to be photographed with props that you will bring from home like a flag or helmet? Are you bringing siblings? Will Dad be there? Do you want some skin on skin shots? All of these questions will help me to build a session that is a perfect fit for you.

What to bring with you

Spare shirts for both of you as babies do pee/poop and accidents happen. Please bring a dummy as they help to get babies to sleep and soothe them. If you have one (even if your child won’t really take it) please bring it to the session as it may help. Extra feeds & nappies.

Do I need to bring any props or accessories to my newborn session?

There is no need to as we have a vast selection of beautiful props and accessories. If you do have something special that you would like us to include, please feel free to bring it along.