Surrey baby photographer Newborn poses


We practice a number of poses throughout your newborn sessions. We’ve outlined these Newborn poses below, what they are called & pictures to show you how they look when done by us.

Our goal for your newborn session is to achieve all of the newborn poses that the baby will cooperate with. If there are any in particular that you really want us to do, please let us know. As with all things at Tiny Tots, Teeny Treasures, safety is our top priority. We will always try, but cannot guarantee that all will be possible. It also means that poses that present a risk will be composites with hands-on or near baby at all times.


Bum Up Pose: This pose is a staple in newborn photography. One of the most simple and most loved poses.  Newborn baby on a pink blanket in the bum/tooshie up pose. Surrey newborn photographer

Side Lying: A sweet little pose that most babies like to do! A natural progression from the bum up

newborn baby on a pink blanket in Side position. Surrey newborn photographer

Womb/Taco Pose: The Taco is a favourite here. Probably as we both love Tacos. Mainly because Babies become so cute and squishy in this pose, also called the womb pose as it resembles how they were in mummy’s belly!

newborn baby boy on a sage green patterned blanket half covered in a white wrap in the Taco/ womb pose. Surrey newborn photographer

Another variety for this pose brings the back leg to the elbow and rests those little fingers on the head.

Newborn baby girl lying on a pink blanket in the Taco pose. Newborn photographer surrey

Froggy: Froggy is a parent’s favorite. Something about those squishy little lips and the little fingers on their chubby newborn cheeks! By far the hardest pose to do, not every baby will let us and we need to make sure they are in a very deep sleep. This pose is ALWAYS done as a composite by us.

Newborn baby girl on a white blanket in the Froggy pose. Wearing a multicoloured flower crown & softly draped in a wrap. Gorgeous professional Newborn photography in Surrey, Berkshire & Hampshire. Home studio based in Camberley Surrey

Head On Hands: Much like Froggy, not every baby loves this pose, but this pose is just so perfect when it is done. It brings out the best in all babies!

Newborn baby boy on blue fluffy blanket, wearing a hat in head on hands position. Newborn Photography Camberley

All Wrapped Up: This is the wrap on the bean bag; there are a few different wraps that we do during newborn sessions. This can also be transferred into a bowl or nest for overhead shots.

Newborn baby boy wrapped up in the Egg wrap pose on a olive green fluffy blanket. Newborn poses. Surrey baby photographer

Potato Sack: The potato sack is quickly becoming a fan-favourite. It makes mixing props exceptionally easy and calms baby every time!

Baby boy wrapped up in newborn poses Potato sack. Wrapped in an oatmeal wrap on a fluffy blankets wearing a felted rabbit hat. Newborn poses newborn photographer surrey

Laying in a Prop: Possibly the simplest pose baby does in the studio. Typically followed on from the Potato sack or Egg wrap pose and involves baby wrapped up in a bowl, bucket or crate.

Newborn Poses. Baby girl wrapped in a purple wrap nestled in some fluff in a driftwood bowl. Gorgeous professional Newborn photography in Surrey, Berkshire & Hampshire. Home studio based in Camberley Surrey

Sleepy Baby Pose: The sleepy baby pose is a sweet & simple pose, we normally end the beanbag part of the session with this pose.

Newborn baby boy in the Sleepy pose covered in grey fluff. Newborn poses. Gorgeous professional Newborn photography in Surrey, Berkshire & Hampshire. Home studio based in Camberley Surrey

Sibling Poses: Siblings are tricky… sometimes. We always make your child feel at home and love creating special moments like these.

Newborn poses with siblings.

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