Camberley baby photographer | Packing your hospital bag.

Packing your Hospital bag, especially if it’s your first child is a daunting task & as your due date gets closer, you’ll be starting to think about the essentials. Our ultimate list of Hospital bag essentials, will take the hard work out of getting “hospital ready”.

Remember, packing your hospital bag is as much for you & your partner as it is for your baby!

Packing your hospital bag

Birth plan & Notes:

Keep all of these together & packed at the top of your hospital bag, so they are close to hand on arrival at the hospital.

Maternity pads or Sanitary towels:

These will be your best friend after giving birth, so are a definite for your hospital bag. Maternity pads are better than ordinary sanitary towels as they are longer, softer and more absorbent.

PJ’s, socks & slippers:

Go get yourself a nice big flow & cheap nighty. One you won’t mind if it gets ruined during your labour. Socks will keep your feet warm & slippers for walking around the wards. Oh & Flip Flops for the shower


Disposable pants, or old cotton ones that you’re happy to throw away later. Take plenty of extra pairs, just in case.


Wash things, toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant, lip balm & hand cream. These simple things will make a big difference to making you feel human again.

Nursing bra’s & pads:

If your planning on breastfeeding, having nursing bra’s in your hospital bag will make things a whole lot easier for you. The pads will protect you from any leaks too.

Plastic bags:

Pack a couple of plastic bags in your hospital bag. You can use these for your dirty clothes & keep your clean ones nice & fresh. Maybe throw a couple of dryer sheets or a scented sachet into your hospital bag too, they’ll keep everything smelling fresh & not like a hospital.

Snacks & Drinks:

Giving birth is hungry & thirsty work. You need to keep your strength up, so make sure you pack some of your favourite snacks to keep you going. Keeping hydrated is important too, pack a sports bottle to fill up with water or maybe some isotonic drinks.


A portable charging bank, or a spare charger plug & cable to keep in your hospital bag so you don’t forget it. Grab yourself a USB extender too, most plugs in hospital wards are behind the bed, so your cable may not reach.

Going home outfit:

Sure your PJ’s will be fine, but should you want a change pack something loose & comfy along with some sensible shoes.

Packing your baby’s hospital bag.

Car Seat:

OK, so this isn’t actually something you’ll be packing in your hospital bag, but is a pretty important one. Make sure it’s correctly fitted into you car too.

Baby clothes:

Sleep suits & Vests, pack a few of these. It’s better to be prepared. A hat, mittens & Blanket for the journey home to keep baby nice & cosy too.

Muslin cloths:

Your hospital bag, as well as nappy bag should contain a fair few or these. Perfect for clean ups, dribbles & leaks.

Nappies & cotton wool:

Eat, sleep, poop repeat, so pack a good amount.

Packing your partner’s hospital bag

Change for parking:

A spare pocket of your hospital bag, is the the perfect space for some change. Not only for car parking, but vending machines too. It’s always a good idea, just in case. Again, no stealing from the hospital bag.

Snacks & Drinks:

They will also need to keep their energy up

Ipad, games & Kindle:

Something to keep both of you entertained. Hospitals waits can be long. Don’t forget the extra chargers.

Change of clothes:

Change of clothes & toothbrush, just in case you stay longer than you expect.


Capture those first precious moments & memories

Hopefully this ultimate list for packing your hospital bag has been helpful & you’ll be stressing no more. Remember pack early & once packed, try not to remove anything from the bag.

Ruth & Debbie