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Find the right newborn photographer for you with our top 5 tips.

Congratulations! You’re having a baby, and made a great decision to hire a newborn photographer to capture those squishy, super cute and ever so important, first moments of your new one’s life. This is probably one of the best decisions you can make.

You’ve probably seen already, there is so much choice out there and each photographer is offering something different and in their own style. The aim of this blog, is to give you some insight that we have, based on our years of experience and expertise as Newborn photographers. These are some questions we suggest you ask every potential newborn photographer you are considering before making any booking decisions.

Research the market.

Not all newborn photographers are equal. The newborn photography industry is currently unregulated. Now, i’m not writing this to bag anyone, far from it. Simply put, there are no specific qualifications or trainings, required toobtain before offering their services. That, then ultimately means, that anyone with a camera could set up shop and market themselves as a newborn photographer. Even though they have zero experience posing babies or understanding how to safely position babies in those poses. This, we unfortunately see far too often.

Asking friends & families for recommendations, is a great place to start. You’ve got an instant review and can hear first hand about their experience and see the final images and products on offer. Don’t stop there though, make sure to check them out yourself.

Some things to think about

  • Does their online portfolio show a broad selection of poses with different babies? Or is it all the same with just one or two?
    Again, i’m not bagging on anyone, far from it. It could be an indicator of limited posing experience, meaning your gallery might also be . If you have your heart set of certain poses. You really should be looking for someone who willingly shows this straight away.
  • Ask to view some full galleries.
    We love showing galleries to potential clients. We always ask if you will allow us permission to use your images in this way. It’s a great way to be able to show and see a full session. You get a real idea of how it works and flows. You can see props in use, express likes and dislikes to poses, colours props etc. This is where the next 4 questions will really help you help.

Ask if they have had any professional training and experience.

As mentioned before, there are currently no regulations/qualifications for newborn photographers, any newborn photographer who takes their job seriously will have received hands on 1-2-1 training and education before setting up their business to take on paying clients. Don’t be afraid to ask what training they have received.

Experience is equally important! An experienced newborn photographer will have the confidence and capability of handling your baby safely being able to safely pose and position them. If baby is fussy or fidgety, they will have an understanding of soothing techniques to settle and relax baby. You may even pick up some tips and tricks from them on how to settle your new little one.


It’s great to consider your budget for photography , but we urge you to not make the decision, based on price alone. Most photographers have a choice of packages, at different price points. You don’t always have to go for a top package, so think about quality over quantity. Be cautious of overly cheap sessions. A £50 – £100 offer for a shoot and all the images is not a bargain. You could be left with sub standard images and no time to find another photographer.

Not everyone has the same pricing structure, so it’s important to make sure you gather all this early on in the process. There should be no hidden costs and that way you can have an idea of what you want before you have your session.

A few key questions to ask are

  • Do you charge a session fee? The session fee is what you pay when you book. It secures your booking and pays for the time and skills of your photographer during your session.
  • Does the session fee include any products? Some photographers include a print or digital file, but everyone is different.
  • Do you have a minimum spend?
  • Does the session fee get deducted off the final price?
  • Can I buy additional single digital files or prints?

Remember too, after your session the work doesn’t stop. Hours are spent editing and fine tuning your images ready for your viewing appointment.

Our Pricing is nice and simple. We charge a £99 session fee, securing your booking. This is then deducted from your final chosen package. We have a minimum spend of £249.00.

What safety procedures do you have in place?

Safety, should not only be the newborn photographers NUMBER ONE CONCERN, but yours too. These are complex poses and must be done safely, ensuring no risk or harm. Ask how they achieve these poses and how many times they have done them.

It’s always important to have an extra set of hands near baby at ALL times. Newborns have a startle reflex, so having someone close by during posing is crucial for safety, especially on or in props. Do they work with an assistant during the shoot? If not, find out who will help out during the session. You, as the parent? If this is the case, are you comfortable doing this? Debbie & I work in such a way, that Debbie poses & acts as the spotter, and I shoot, meaning you are able to sit back, watch and enjoy the process, rather than playing an active role. I wrote a more details blog on our safety methods here

The Shoot.

When deciding which type of photographer to choose, think about whether you’d prefer having the session in your home or a photographer’s studio.

Mobile photographers will come to your home and set up there. If you are looking at someone who is mobile, ask them what they need in terms of space, light, temperature setting etc. Is their style, the posed style you want or is it more lifestyle based? If posed, they typically bring limited props and equipment. So if you have seen a specific set up of theirs, it’s best to make sure you discuss this prior to the shoot, so they can guarantee they have the right prop on the day. Photographers with a dedicated photography studio, will have everything that they may need close at hand. Still, it’s best to check with them before the shoot if you have something specific in mind. Helps avoid disappointment.

Be it in your home or at a studio, specialist newborn Photographers understand that a relaxed, warm, and welcoming environment for a newborn session is important. It should be a quiet, relaxing place for you and baby. After all, you will probably be there for a few hours. We always welcome the chance to meet before the session. It’s the perfect time to talk about your preferences for the shoot. From the backdrop colours and props available, to knowing the poses you really love and hope to get. We’ll also discuss how you might like to display your images and if you are looking to invest in some wall art , we can discuss the options available.


This is a special, important time in your family’s story. We urge you to carefully consider your photographer choice. Make sure you feel comfortable and at ease with them. These moments are short and memories fade fast. Once captured you will always have a way to go back and remember the chubby little fingers and toes and the small innocence of your newborn baby.

Should you wish to consider Tiny tots, Teeny treasures, We’d love to hear from you. You can contact us through our Contact page, email at or call us on 07957 688744